colorado dreamin

So i drove to Denver with a friend (matt walter) to help him move, see friends and check out new things.

It’s BEAUTIFUL here.  we spend days hiking and driving in mountains, taking photos of the panda in strange places, meeting friends for dinner at mexican places, and remarking (me) that the place is GORGEOUS.

i got to meet a friend (kristin) in person who’d i had only chatted with for years — she spent the last two nights sleeping next to me on the floor of matts apartment (which is also really awesome).

kristin is a funnnnny, total blast youth pastor/nanny/friend.  she let me bury my face in her shoulder when they shot the one kid who had passed his tests in shawshank redemption.  I had never seen it before and after driving by its location in mansfield and seeing the prison with my own eyes, we had to watch it.  what a sad movie it was!  :(.  makes me a.) want to go talk to old people who are lonely and confused and b.) pray for people doing prison ministry or people stuck in prison. it makes matt want to c.) never GO THERE.

last night i hugged and had dinner at moose lodge cantina with barb and mike–they are so awesome (my old friends/barbara angel from CA/denver).  we talked about where we are, future plans to visit, what happened after i left them in israel, how sad it is that i didnt visit their house, and how awesome God and their new church/ministry opportunity/community/love/place in life/upcoming journey/ is.

i think i’ll see them again in boston or out west so it wasnt a sad GOODBYE (tearfilled) but rather a “seeya later!”.

At the beginning of posts that are for me, so I can remember my own events, I should probably write “this is going to be boring for you”.  But anyways, that’s what i’ve been up to.  Today is pikes peak, goodwill, garden of the gods and dinner at matts cousins place. then krisitin’s sleepin over again on our floor in the living room so yay hooray for us!  miss you all!  im out.



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2 responses to “colorado dreamin

  1. Yay for an update. It wasn’t boring to me, I’m glad you’re having a blast and soaking it all up.

    Miss you, talk to you soon!

  2. dad

    Sad to report, tonight I saw a large panda in the trash beside the road` as I cruised up Westside Dr. to prayer.

    Missing you… Mom at Women of Faith Fri & Sat
    Much love

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