I am in Yellowstone National Park.

I am in yellowstone national park, and tonight I went to a disco.  Seriously!  It’s fun staying with the employees–aka STEPH DUNN.  She seems to be loving it here and it’s absolutely beautiful.

I actually showed up at Steph’s on Friday night after spending the day with her in Jackson Hole and driving to Idaho just to say we did it.  We slept, spent the day seeing animals and geysers (see facebook albums?) and missing old faithful twice, but getting to see it in the end.  I love love love hanging out with her and am trying to convince her to relocate back to where I live.

The past three nights were spent in Ennis Montana at the home of Brad and Barbara Bradshaw, my second pair of adopted parents I met in Israel.  Saturday night we hung out in the cold and drove back to Ennis, ate hot clam chowder and talked.  Sunday was church–I gave a presentation about the kids in Kenya who i work with and the church donated 400 USD towards the school we are buying in Kenya!  :D.  We had lunch, then hung out, took a walk, met Jim (their son!) and played music…

Monday Barb and I had GIRLTIME that involved drives, “nearly new” (i wasnt prepared for the snowy weather!) and VISITS to friends.  I met an awesome family that told me more about the VICTORIAN BALL that happens in Virginia City every summer in june and august for the community.  it looks so fun–i got to try on dresses with corsets (ow!) and hoop skirts that were a total blast.

we had a beautiful dinner, watched john wayne and had one of the best desserts ever during “McClintock.”..

Today we drove more and visited Gerry, (she loves horses and intercessory prayer!) picked up Margot, my new friend in Ennis, and enjoyed a HUUGE brunch of armenian food at her house as a big surprise…got coffee in west yellowstone and saw animals, got lost in the park on my way back to steph.

::side notes:::

1.) it was great to have GIRL time with barbara and margot.  barbaras missed it since her daughter’s been gone, and i remind both of “becky”.  not too much, just the right amount.  we had fun singing fiddler on the roof and seven brides for seven brothers”.

2.) i told the lady who loves prayer about steph living in yellowstone with no friends who knew Jesus and no church at all around.  for some reason she said “ill pray for her.  and when i say ill pray i mean ill pray for her”.

a couple hours later, steph saw a flier for a church that meets minutes away this sunday and neither of us could believe it.

:::end side notes, back to the real deal writing again:::

Then we hugged gbye.–margot, barbara and i.  I went IMMEDIATELY hiking with steph and friends at a beautiful place with marmots running around and rocks on the lake and a small stream…then we hung on the rocks 30 minutes and came back to FRESH bear tracks where we’d JUST been a minute ago!

we got pizza and got ready for disco night (hair straightener and makeup!)…it was a little crazy for me, but i drank diet coke and had the greatest movees on the floor, right steph?  muahaha.  i liked the q tip, making the pizzas and my special clapping dance.  oh and michael flatley. we played my fav game, where i mimick someone elses dance moves and steph guesses who i am imitating.

i am really really going to miss brad and barb–really really–we had the greatest time together being silly and talking about deeper things.  i am trying to get back there (i feel like i missed out my whole life so far on the west!) and maybe even as soon as the month of august or something (for the victorian ball i can come back and dance and dress up and and and!)

missing you all and plannin the next adventures, so let me know if you’re interested in a visit!  im about to be pinned down for a year or so.


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