where in the world is Becca Nelson?

Saturday and Sunday night: Harvest Crusade.

Monday night = Baltimore. (katys!)

Tuesday night = Carlos! (Crystal City, DC).

Wednesday night = Chelseas! (DC).

Thursday night = Dan’s! (VA beach).

Friday night = if you live in Baltimore, DC or Philly and want to house me for a night–i need a couch because justin’s leaving me somewhere to wait for my dad to pick me up so i can go……..
Saturday BACK TO DC!  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday i am back in DC with my family seeing the pandas and the sights i never saw w/Justin.  And the friends i missed the first week time around for only a couple days, have a chance to see me now–we’ll be staying in a hotel and you can call me to meet up at 5857974216.

:D.  phewph!  then i go home.  ive got a lot to do before i move July 25th or so.

hope to see you all in dc.  woo woo.



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One response to “where in the world is Becca Nelson?

  1. Hey… I am in baltimore too this week 😀

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