check this action out, all!

So this road trip has been 99% fun, and 33% effective use of time at night to work on communicating Family Focus Foundation to others.  If you comment and correct my math, I’ll not appreciate it.  i know, ok?  i know–it’s wrong!  but i’m just telling it like it is.

Some of you know that i only require like…4-5 hours a night of sleep.  So while my friends are sleeping, I am working!  Look how much better our website is now!

as you can see there, we still have 7 or so kids who need sponsors to be better taken care of–they mostly live with their grandmothers or some other guardians, and need better nutrition and school supplies (we can provide it at 12 bucks a month).

please feel free to email if you see a kiddo God puts on your heart to support or you just feel like supporting there.  It’s cool cause you’d get to email back and forth with them–and hey!  be sure to check out our new brochure at:


p.s.  please pray for me?  a.) i am having a nice time visiting people but am still managing the work in kenya–basically we sent money for the new builidng and i woke up to the worst email ever today from Pastor Samuel about the status of the school.  b.) i miss my family and didnt realize i’d be moving to Boston so soon–it’s new to me to be gone a full year and I leave end of July!  c.) my heart’s just a little broken for these kids and i need to find a balance between guilt/love/support/prayer/fundraising.

below: makes me cry. emphasis added.

dear becca,
i on behalf of the school,we are really very greatful about you and what you doing in the ministry of Gods word.
you know we lost the first building,somebody came and bought it before we could have money to buy it and it is now a business place.the other one we found again was just a plot costing 200,000,legal fee 20,000 and puting a structure-80,000.building the structure we would do it ourselves,that was the minimum evaluation done by ds oure without putting the labour charge and the money for the skilled carpenter.
we will try to give the photos of the building or the school.the school is still has the ten kids,we are only struggling to give them something to eat and sometimes they going without anything.
God bless you.ds told me that don has approved the proposal he said soon we are going to have the money and buy the plot and build it as quick as possible.
rev.samuel dindi


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