swine flu and tigger too!

ok, not really tigger too.

where did we leave off?  ah yes.  from yellowstone national park.

I DID go to long island and saw delirious, uhm jars of clay, lacrae, POD and kutless, plus greg laurie preach to gazillions of people.  it was fun, esp hanging out with jeff, shijo and justin. it is always nice hanging out with jdogs family, esp at his sisters soccer game with a crossword puzzle or two.  it was a weekend of crazy flights and dashing through airports, circling in the air, bad luggage problems, amazing italian ice, church, pancakes and packing.

Justin and i left monday for baltimore, got lost in the ghetto and stuck in traffic but had a great drive otherwise.  we stayed with katy hutton in their ADORABLE house.  we saw kate and her bf greg and her sister becky, and got italian.  we talked about the office with katy and slept, then got breakfast at kate’s in the am and walked around (couldnt get in the science museum for free sadly though) the entire harbor, etc.  rich wagner showed up and hung out and we drove back to dc to start seein the sites.

lets just say justin got to see DC all right.  id seen it before but it never gets old.  name something, we saw it.  monuments, museums, etc..was fun. except tuesday night i scored my first in a million years FEVER.  we watched the mummy (id never seen it before amazingly enough) and i could feel myself getting sicker and colder.

the next day we trekked around just as much, zoo–museums, etc…with chelsea and carlo and rich and friends!  fun.  but stupid.  too sick. i knew i was sick but later when i took my temperature it was uh…103.5..!  we stayed at chelseas and i still dominated in scrabble slam over the course of the night/evening–chelsea was sweet and let me sleep in at her place and hide the key someplace so we could take our time leaving.

got checked out and tested positive for influenza a.  the only strain of that thats super pandemic in ny now is n1h1 aka swine flu.

so i tested positive.  makes sense, ive never felt so sick in my life. justin took off for home — (who could blame him?) he has work monday and i was no fun.  i stayed with rich.  this was awesome.  we watched movies, ate soup, tried to get better. i think im on the mend.  got  a little inhaler thing. do NOT get this nasty disease.  it is terrible.

my fam is likely coming tomorrow to hang out in dc.  maybe ill get to see more now that im not sick.  i was in a daze all week and now i just hope no one else gets sick from hanging out with me a bit.  :).  man. tonight we stopped t the park for music and there were more people than ive ever seen in a park before in my life so far.  amazing. im at chelseas and will pick berries with her tomorrrow if im not really sick as i am today–still.


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