back in the R-O-C-H.


im home.  after montana, colorado, wyoming, dc, long island, and places in between, i’m back.  for a short, limited time.  gotta get my life in order and get rid of 5/6s of my belongings, (want me to give you things?), find an apartment, and hang out with friends and family before i move away to the beautiful city of history and harbors, boston.

DC with my family was fun.  it involved (not enough but some) time with dad, sister dates, seeing friends, museums (marine corps, natural history, etc.), movies (i was sick), waffles (best breakfasts ever at the marriott hotel, dont get me started)..rediscovering chik-fil-a, recovering from the flu, long drives and already planning to return south.

caleb and han didnt like seeing museums like dad and i do.  but we still got to see stuff anyways. it was overall quite fun and relaxing for all.  i wish my dad had more time to travel even further with me–it sounds like a month is too short a time to get my life in order before moving to boston, but really, theres not THAT much to do…well, we’ll might be one of those things that as you get more stuff ready, do more paperwork and prepare more boxes, you realize you have 100 times more stuff to do than previously anticipated.  :D.

im still in need of a dorchester apartment, if anyone knows anyone!  i’d love to be within walking distance of my workplace.  muahaha.  how great would that be though, seriously?  :D.

still organizing stuff around family focus foundation–we need a few more sponsors now.  anyone?  bueller? :D.


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