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I love my new life here in a pretty gorgeous city with fantastic people.  just had to start by saying so.

Training covered everything from racism in America to how to apply for my educational award, from workplace etiquette to what our websites do and how to track results.

Andrew (director) pointed out that there are organizations that have two of our values but we are the only ones with all three: Jesus, Justice and Technology.

Lots of people do Jesus and Technology (mac christian group, Christian technology today).

Lots more do Justice and Technology–(idealist, etc.).

Lots more do Jesus and Justice (salvation army, etc.).

so it’s nice to fill a need and not just add to the noise, right?

at night we do fun things if we choose to go.  last night we went to quincy market and then to the north end (little italy) for gelato.  though out (spending money and you know how frugal and conscious i am of money!), it was fantastic to hang out with other people passionate about the poor.  im not the only one whose stomach turns at the thought of discrimination and injustice, or the fact that we give 10 % to God as individuals but the church doesnt give 1/3 (if we take part of the old testament rules on giving, why not all of em?)..

I’ve learned a lot.  I also got out early today so i came home to unpack more of my stuff.  unfortunately it took me 20 minutes in the 90 degree foyer to unlock my padlock. it is complicated. it was terrible.  then i prayed and got in.

then i unpacked and went to small group.  we did a lot of praying together.  then we put theresas bike in the car and went to KFC.

This is how days go these days–absolutely jampacked.  im really overwhelmed in a good way and in a bad way.  90 percent God is overwhelming with how he puts us right where we belong but 10 percent “i miss rochesterians” and “theres too much to do”.

He can help me handle all those issues.  thankfulness is key this week–the other theme is OH MY GOSH ITS SO HOT I COULD POSSIBLY DIE!

Boot camp starts Saturday.  What’s that, you ask?  Americorps makes you do it?!  no.  this is BECCA BOOTCAMP.  and its starting on Saturday!  more fruit and veggies, less cookies and more praying and running, less FB!  call me if you want to chat–ill still be online, but seriously.  changes. changes can do me good–hey so comment and let me know you are reading!  seriously!



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Where i live.

Before i forget:

17 Wainwright St
Boston, MA 02124 .

😀 night!


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arriving at destination, on right.

first of all, you know how driving can really make you tired after a while?  say, 7 hours and boston rushhour “lets get to the new apartment at 5PM” traffic?

and swimming also makes you tired at the end of the day?

well let’s just say i am entirely exhausted.

here are stories i need to blog about when next i am not falling asleep.  im funnier on my blog when i can move my fingers.  thanks again to party attendees–it was great to see everybody who came to consume ice cream and get a hug.

ill write deeper stuff later about a.) my IV talk on friday night and b.) bittersweetness.


1.) the exploding roller blades.

2.) the lindt truffle truck.

3.) look where i went my first night before moving my stuff into my room, after driving all day.

4.) almost forgetting my phone.  breakfast with mom and dad.

5.) i forget what i wanted to say zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Becca’s a HOT SINGLE?

Caleb (MY BROTHER!) was perusing facebook the other day and came across an ad on the right side of his profile:

you kidding me?  then he told me he planned to write facebook “DEAR FACEBOOK.  MY SISTER IS NOT A HOT SINGLE.  I AM HER BROTHER! ETC.”


i looked around about suing the people who snagged it for using my photo, but guys, when we sign up for FB, we sign EVERYTHING away that’s uploaded onto the website.  ahh.  scary, eh?


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i have no cell service in the hotel we’re at til Thursday.

i also have to pay 10 dollars to use the internet (and refuse to do so).

i am feeling very out of the loop and i think my communication was hijacked for great purposes.

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All things were made by him and for him.

Col 1:16* For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities–all things have been created by Him and for Him.

Last night a speaker at the Family Camp my family attended this week in Brookdondale, NY, reminded us all that we are created BY him and FOR him.  That was NOT the point of the sermon.  But when I am reminded that a.) God has a right on my life and b.) I was created FOR him, it puts everything in a new, correct light.

Young people!  Old people!  You are created by HIM (he doesnt screw up) and FOR him (so all the stuff you worried about today probably isnt as big a deal as you had anticipated).

Also, I’ve been listening to Tim Keller–He argues that sin often (normally) comes from idolatry–we do not break commandments 2-9 unless we first break the first one — have no other gods before God.  For example, I do not lie unless, for a moment or more, i decide that some other idol is above God (myself/saving face/some other thing that’s more important than God is to me).

“Sin isn’t only doing bad things, it is more fundamentally making good things into ultimate things. Sin is building your life and meaning on anything, even a very good thing, more than on God. Whatever we build our life on will drive us and enslave us. Sin is primarily idolatry.”

So good things can be idols.  Religious beliefs, significant others, money, children, political ideologies.  Anything that–if it wsa taken from you or you lost it somehow, would make you so miserable you’d like to jump off a cliff and die.
Keller suggests that we learn what the idols are in our lives and spheres–living/working/being.  Otherwise we’ll never truly understand how to gain victory over al these things and worship God entirely.

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recent events.

The past few weeks have been a big blur of returning from DC, trying to clean my room, and switching schedules to become somewhat of a nightowl, can you believe it!?  Friends like to stay up late watching movies (but more often hitting the streets and praying or worshipping God at bonfires).  Then I sleep in.
BECCA NELSON!?  SLEEPING IN HER, truly IN!? past SEVEN O’ CLOCK IN THE MORNING!?  yes.  it’s true actually, i do it.

now..awake highlights include: (in no particular order):

  • becca hyland quality time/the soloist/hearing her new music/finding her a wedding dress.
  • cleaning my room (it feels so awesome, you dont really understand but i do LIKE to be clean when i have the time to be–it feels great and lovely and freeing and and and..).
  • buffalo spot coffee with friends (court, chris, liz, dan, john sarazyn).  cant go wrong.
  • beach (harborfest).  awesome fireworks. wrote an editorial to praise the partythrowers.  got it published.
  • july 4th festivities.  rice pudding and lots of friends and whatnot.
  • movies 10 night and carrot cake with stef and friends.
  • new friends (unexpected. this always happens when i get back and people forget im alive and new people are around to be friends with for a bit).
  • prayer, talking to people about Jesus.
  • worship bonfire.
  • settlers with micah and friends.
  • dave’s baptism.
  • cookin breakfast.
  • graduation parties.
  • IV again.
  • Best sunday in forever with julia marie band, cool churchfolk and stef/jay (got a job!).  road trips are awesome.


facebook addiction (cause i was lookin for places still)… cleaning (this is highlight and lowlight), car troubles (ALARM to be exact.)..and not seeing micah enough.

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