its all happening so fast–i cannot believe it.

As many of you know, I am moving.  To boston.  For a year.  It’s exciting.  It’s a little sad at the same time, to leave friends.

What you may NOT know, is how short a time is remaining before I’m outta here–seriously, it’s like..ten days or something.

WHAT!? you may ask.  i thought it was july 25th!  and to you I say, it IS!  but there’s stuff happening/in the way, first, before i go off.

Here’s the upcoming crazy insane calendar:

Tomorrow: meeting with Leah, Wendy, and Aunt Sally.

Thursday: pub church/coldstone with Stef.

Friday: Sherry/IV.  Time available!

Saturday: Papa.  Time available!

Sunday: go to ithaca/brookendale for camping (in a hotel room, do not ask me) with my family for a few days (dwindling down so quickly now!) at a nazarene campground.  Needing a ride (maybe?).

Wednesday: return. Time available!

Thursday-Friday SEE PEOPLE (reserve your spot now!).

Saturday: Leave for the Berkshires with my family.

Thursday: come home.

Friday: Doc appointment.

Saturday-Sunday: MOVE.

Monday: Start my new job in boston.


God has answered every single prayer–i have Christian roommates for a year .5 miles from my new office.  The room is not available til a month after my new job starts, but I found a second Christian female apartment — this one in Jamaica Plain, my old stomping grounds when a nanny (for the people whose name we dare not speak of).


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