recent events.

The past few weeks have been a big blur of returning from DC, trying to clean my room, and switching schedules to become somewhat of a nightowl, can you believe it!?  Friends like to stay up late watching movies (but more often hitting the streets and praying or worshipping God at bonfires).  Then I sleep in.
BECCA NELSON!?  SLEEPING IN HER, truly IN!? past SEVEN O’ CLOCK IN THE MORNING!?  yes.  it’s true actually, i do it.

now..awake highlights include: (in no particular order):

  • becca hyland quality time/the soloist/hearing her new music/finding her a wedding dress.
  • cleaning my room (it feels so awesome, you dont really understand but i do LIKE to be clean when i have the time to be–it feels great and lovely and freeing and and and..).
  • buffalo spot coffee with friends (court, chris, liz, dan, john sarazyn).  cant go wrong.
  • beach (harborfest).  awesome fireworks. wrote an editorial to praise the partythrowers.  got it published.
  • july 4th festivities.  rice pudding and lots of friends and whatnot.
  • movies 10 night and carrot cake with stef and friends.
  • new friends (unexpected. this always happens when i get back and people forget im alive and new people are around to be friends with for a bit).
  • prayer, talking to people about Jesus.
  • worship bonfire.
  • settlers with micah and friends.
  • dave’s baptism.
  • cookin breakfast.
  • graduation parties.
  • IV again.
  • Best sunday in forever with julia marie band, cool churchfolk and stef/jay (got a job!).  road trips are awesome.


facebook addiction (cause i was lookin for places still)… cleaning (this is highlight and lowlight), car troubles (ALARM to be exact.)..and not seeing micah enough.


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  1. 😀 hiiiiiiii longt times nice to see u faring on well be blessed!!!!! 🙂

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