I love my new life here in a pretty gorgeous city with fantastic people.  just had to start by saying so.

Training covered everything from racism in America to how to apply for my educational award, from workplace etiquette to what our websites do and how to track results.

Andrew (director) pointed out that there are organizations that have two of our values but we are the only ones with all three: Jesus, Justice and Technology.

Lots of people do Jesus and Technology (mac christian group, Christian technology today).

Lots more do Justice and Technology–(idealist, etc.).

Lots more do Jesus and Justice (salvation army, etc.).

so it’s nice to fill a need and not just add to the noise, right?

at night we do fun things if we choose to go.  last night we went to quincy market and then to the north end (little italy) for gelato.  though out (spending money and you know how frugal and conscious i am of money!), it was fantastic to hang out with other people passionate about the poor.  im not the only one whose stomach turns at the thought of discrimination and injustice, or the fact that we give 10 % to God as individuals but the church doesnt give 1/3 (if we take part of the old testament rules on giving, why not all of em?)..

I’ve learned a lot.  I also got out early today so i came home to unpack more of my stuff.  unfortunately it took me 20 minutes in the 90 degree foyer to unlock my padlock. it is complicated. it was terrible.  then i prayed and got in.

then i unpacked and went to small group.  we did a lot of praying together.  then we put theresas bike in the car and went to KFC.

This is how days go these days–absolutely jampacked.  im really overwhelmed in a good way and in a bad way.  90 percent God is overwhelming with how he puts us right where we belong but 10 percent “i miss rochesterians” and “theres too much to do”.

He can help me handle all those issues.  thankfulness is key this week–the other theme is OH MY GOSH ITS SO HOT I COULD POSSIBLY DIE!

Boot camp starts Saturday.  What’s that, you ask?  Americorps makes you do it?!  no.  this is BECCA BOOTCAMP.  and its starting on Saturday!  more fruit and veggies, less cookies and more praying and running, less FB!  call me if you want to chat–ill still be online, but seriously.  changes. changes can do me good–hey so comment and let me know you are reading!  seriously!



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2 responses to “Update.

  1. Dad

    We are reading, Bec. Last night at prayer several of were parising God for your safe travel, wonderful start in Boston, etc. It was clear several of us (Marty, Gaye, Helen…) were ‘read up’ on your situation.

    Weird how it gets hot just as you arrive Boston w/out AC. Love you much…

  2. Hey! Ya… so saturday 🙂

    We can keep each other accountable. I’m praying for you. Thanks for the update I can’t wait to talk to you!! Love ya

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