So I’ve been vague concerning my new position and what is i’ll actually be working on.  Check it out in this posting if you’re interested.

I work in Dorchester, MA, in a house/office environment as one of TechMission’s volunteer coordinators and online editors.  I will be learning to use Drupal to manage a website called UrbanMinistry.Org.  This website has been growing and growing (500% last year!) and has more people click to it than Salvation Army and World Vision.  And when people click to it, my team’s work involves  making sure they’re able to find what they’re looking for.  If they’re using ChristianVolunteering.Org (another site we manage), then they’re probably looking to get a volunteer or be a volunteer.  In 2008, the site Matched 5,981 volunteers through

If they are on, or, (our non-faith-based website), chances are they need resources to help their community or nonprofit to grow.  in 2008, the website served over 1.3 million unique visitors to & other websites, connecting them with articles, documentation, software, blogs and other people passionate about service.

I’ve been inspired during our PSO training to rethink a lot of what i had assumed about America and stereotypes/racism/discrimination/class/church giving, and other things.  Clearly, God has a lot to show me about injustice and poverty, and about his Son.  When I read over the values of TechMission,  i truly felt amazed inside at how the organization matches my passions and desires–the “what do i want to work on now–i have such a short time on earth” question has been answered for a year–and it’s as if God created a position for me.  I’m not saying it won’t be hard.  I’ve managed to witness a man shattering a window on our train with his fist, experience a closecall car accident, get comments made left and right on my way to work, and listen to neighbors yelling outside all night long–things i am not used to in Chili, NY.

So basically, the vision and mission of TechMission is as follows:

Mission: To support Christian Organizations as they use technology to transform vulnerable communities.

Vision: To use technology to help develop community and tools to bring justice to the world in Jesus’ name.

Am I excited?  Better believe it.  Do i think these tools can help you find volunteers or a way to volunteer or a place to blog on social justice issues?  here’s the site for rochester: .


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