a brief debrief on beaches and trampolines.

Oh guys.

For those of you praying for me to adjust well to my new “stay in one place for a year” job, coworkers, apartment, etc…it’s going great.

I miss some of you badly–most of you know who you are—and some of you i’m used to not seeing.  I wish i could get a micah hug, but can wait until he visits me.

In the meantime, ive had to hang out with cousins who remind me of micah.  This past weekend was a blast with relatives on cape cod–hadnt seen them in years but went for a visit with my new apartment-sharer rachel.

We caught up on the past few years, ate seafood, went swimming, gokarted, jumped on AMAZING trampolines (multiple) that are built INTO THE GROUND,  went swimming AGAIN, caught weird crabs, grilled a feast outside, went kayaking, went swimming again, and went to the beach at night.  we also watched the office (the kids were having a marathon) and hugged goodbye, then emily drove me home (rachel had already left) so she could watch the italian job for the first time–since she drives a new cooper mini with racing stripes on it.  :D.  we listened to Paul Simon’s new cd and caught up on life, love and environmental engineering.

RIGHT, SO.  this week is going to be another busy one (hence the posting monday morning).  sometimes i get home and just cant look at a screen anymore.  boot camp sorta got expoloded into nothing over the weekend but at least i got exericse in beach walking, swimming and kayaking (so its not a total loss).

i need to make more time for important things.  time management has been going well, but at the same time, things are getting crazier and i need to prioritize my mornings so i spend the time the right way and:

pray/read/exercise/pack for the day/shower and email the people i need to email in africa BEFORE getting to work–which i think means i need to get up earlier.  yoy.  shout out and thanks to aunt bern and the cousins for a weekend of memories!


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  1. It looks like you are a real professional. Did ya study about the topic? lawl

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