Update (finally).

the past two weeks have involved me getting my hands dirty at my new job…i reallly like it a lot because of the values of our office/ministry/goals as an organization.  Jesus/Justice/Technology.  If you know me at all, you know i’d fit right in.


The weekENDs have been totally insane.  I’ve done cape cod, mount washington, visiting arricka in glouster (miniweekend during the workweek), ipswich, complete with blueberry picking and a perfect beach and cookin lobsters in our kitchen that night (courtney looked like one), then to Winnepasauke for a retreat (square dance, swimming, leading worship, making friends, small group, etc..)…

I miss home, bad–and after listening to my church’s podcast today, i miss them a lot too.  But i love it here–a lot.  And as for coming home, i’ll be there September 24th for the BIG CONCERT.  Hakuna Njaa has been a lot of work but im excited to see how it will turn out in the end.  :).  It’s at lovin cup, you’re going, right?


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