this weekend we:

went to willy wonka and the chocolate factory in smellovision in an outside, union square, parking lot with other bostonian people.

they threw candy at us and fanned us with chocolate scents and cabbage soup smell and we blew bubbles in the fizzy lifting drinks parts of it.

then we went to cape cod at 5aM to miss traffic and swam at old silver.  we hung at the delacours.  we swam at monks cove.  we sang a lot and played a lot of guitar.  I ate a hamburger for dinner! (WHATT–first in 15 years?) we went to sandwich boardwalk and then laid on the rocks.  we watched elvis “love me tender”.  we bonded and fell asleep.

we went to church.  we went back to the beach (paw-sitch-ette?) we swam and swam to the islandy bar thing and i swam across the channel.

we got ice cream from skippy the ice cream man at the lovely beach.

we went home and showered and ate grilled sea bass and delicious trifle (YUM.).  we hugged and were really sad to leave the delacours. my other parents. mwa.

we drove back, we went to stop and shop and it was closed.

today i woke up, made strawberry and banana pancakes with rachael and theresa, and did some work i needed to catch up on.  beautiful.  went skiing (water) and tubing (water) and had a bbq complete with fresh corn from the farm and turkey dogs in a beach house overlooking the sea.

great fellowship, discussing social justice and ministry.

waterskiing involved me trying 6 times to get up and succeeding 4.  swallowed 3 gallons of ocean water.

blew out my knee pretty good.

tubing involved me wiping out harder than i ever have in my entire life.  ive jumped off bridges, high ones, and these types of pain dont begin to compare with what today involved.  i thought i got knocked unconcious for a minute.  i hit my face so hard i thought my nose broke or thered be blood or id be one big purple bruise tomorrow.  it was like being thrown into a brick wall then a sumo wrestler punching me in the face with his stomach at 100 mph.  i think it messed me up REALLY good, honestly–and i am 90 percent sure i re-broke my sternum (bad).

:(.  but it was worth it and o h so fun, especially seeing herb out there on one ski with one hand flying through the air..!  ill never forget it as long as i live, quite honestly.


oh wait!  its not finished!  i tried to make it to a bbq for church and had the wrong park (terrible) — quite literally the wrong park (street vs. drive) so we missed it completetly after paying parking (11 bucks).  then we went to whole foods and on to CHIC FILA and then ended up in the north shore at a beach in beverly.  :).  great roommmate bonding and the sixth beach of the weekend.  tomorrows work and im so ready.

thanks for the rest God–it was needed and lovely and i loved seeing my “other parents”. :D.




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2 responses to “brief

  1. a. this wasnt brief.
    b.) i forgot to mention that i went to the original dunkin donuts. this is big.

  2. Ed

    Awwwww! Shucks! Thanks — it’s good to be your friend.

    The name of the beach is simply Patuisett. See? Not hard at all.

    So… did you really break your sternum?

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