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The choice and the outcome so far

This weekend was much deliberated.  I didnt know what to do.  I had to remind myself of my old message i gave once at IV about making decisions and not becoming self consumed with planning things.  If we work too hard on deciding, we could’ve spent all those thoughts/minutes on someone besides ourselves..

Hard choice: Option 1 : go home and see Dave before he leaves for around the world, hug dad, mom and micah, see phil keaggy and take friends to niagara falls.

Hard choice Option 2: stay here and get stuff done and take it easy and try to recover from insane crazy conferences, working and everything, go to a sweet concert. and then sunday, either go to church and a road trip to a congolese church in NH or hear RAVI ZACHARIAS speak.

decision: stay here.

last night i put Zeke to bed (little guy i was sitting for) early and then invited theresa and ryan to spank me at monopoly.  that was sad but fun.  then today i woke up, got a little more organized (slightly), made omelets and had long discussions via videochat with:

Camille in India

learned about how to pray for her this holiday season.

Kevin in China

hadnt seen my old friend in months.  i miss the boy.

Sami in Palestine

my dear old friend promised to let me say hi to my old kiddos at

Henry in Kenya

we had a LOT to talk about, and more still to go–but at least we started a google tasks listing.  Amazing, right?


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an IMPORTANT once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a girl who thought she had a great idea that was about to change the whole world.

She teamed up with a graduate student entering Harvard Law School and a Nigerian pastor, her dear friend Okon, to bring computers and tools into his school in rural Africa.  The school needed a lot of assistance because of a.) poverty b.) lack of resources and c.) Okon’s brother, the headmaster and founder passed away and left it to new leadership.

It was to be funded by One Laptop Per Child.  She got very excited and helped prepare a lengthy proposal.  It looked like a shoo-in.

Then it got rejected.  Actually, it just did NOT get chosen.

SO.  Becca (it was me) gave up and went on to her current Kenyan ministry of feeding kids, providing basic needs, and helping women organize their resources to create sustainable income generating projects and also went on to her new Americorps job that keeps her busy nonstop.

Okon went back to Nigeria and began to work at the school in areas of development WITHOUT funding (or normally, electricity).

and the last student? he NEVER gave up, and created a Knight News Challenge proposal for the school to receive a computer lab so kids can blog and participate in online media.

But wait, there’s more!

Bryant needs us to click here, spend 3 minutes creating  an account, and give it 5 stars (if you like our ideas anyways).  Can you help us finish what we started last year and provide opportunities to these kiddos?  It really does sorta depend a bit on you in a way. :).


bottom line: please click the link and give us five stars if you get 5 free minutes in november.  thanks!


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TV stars, kickboxing and revolutions

This is a short entry to let you all know what’s up with me these last few weeks or so.

I got to fly to Pittsburgh for a TV interview (view it on our website) about  The whole trip was a great story from beginning to end.  Ask me about it someday–especially the part where a cool new random stranger and i got dinner after we met on the bus.

I uh, went to a big conference called the “Christian Community Development Association Conference” 2009.  It was powerful and exhausting.  Lots of networking and partnership meetings.  On our way, we stopped in Rochester to get hugs and the van.  Got to see the fam, Papa, stef, bec 2 and jason barber. treat.
Did anyone else go see iheart?  Thoughts?

Other news: Wendy Eldridge and Bob Chandler have been two of the most influential people in terms of helping raise money for Family Focus.  I always felt like a bit of a failure when I would say “we are trying to care for the whole child, not just food or spirituality but EVERYTHING”, because i knew most of the kids slept on the floor or hay.

Today i woke up to videos and photos of 20 mattresses being delivered–every child now has a mattress!  I will upload photos soon to our website.

My daily routine always involves the gym, work and something else that spices it all up.  my new gym is remarkably affordable (yay for sliding scales) and has fun classes.  so far i like body pump the best.  cardiokickboxing had me wanting to kick the instructor in the face and should be called cardio-im-going-to-vomit-someone-help-im dying–boxing.  And Zumba dance..well, let’s just say i have a lot to learn about graceful moving about a studio.

unfortunately the days also involve me eating leftover halloween candy (we had a great day of raking leaves at a shelter then handing out candy at a church last weekend and i swiped a bunch of leftover candy and-you get the basic idea i would think).

i like my job still-which is nice–not everybody i know can say the same, but TechMission has been a great blessing and i adore my roommates.  I’ve been doing more praying/reading, and that is ALWAYS good–it’s amazing how similar reading the Word is to getting some exercise. You put it off and off and off then do it and are like “WHOAAA THIS FEELS AWESOME!  WHY DIDNT I DO IT BEFORE NOW”?  Then it is sore a bit two days after.  Just kidding.


wait, no i am NOT.  here’s an example of something that might hit me two days later while I am thinking of stuff:

Matthew 8:13* “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  14* But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

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