an IMPORTANT once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a girl who thought she had a great idea that was about to change the whole world.

She teamed up with a graduate student entering Harvard Law School and a Nigerian pastor, her dear friend Okon, to bring computers and tools into his school in rural Africa.  The school needed a lot of assistance because of a.) poverty b.) lack of resources and c.) Okon’s brother, the headmaster and founder passed away and left it to new leadership.

It was to be funded by One Laptop Per Child.  She got very excited and helped prepare a lengthy proposal.  It looked like a shoo-in.

Then it got rejected.  Actually, it just did NOT get chosen.

SO.  Becca (it was me) gave up and went on to her current Kenyan ministry of feeding kids, providing basic needs, and helping women organize their resources to create sustainable income generating projects and also went on to her new Americorps job that keeps her busy nonstop.

Okon went back to Nigeria and began to work at the school in areas of development WITHOUT funding (or normally, electricity).

and the last student? he NEVER gave up, and created a Knight News Challenge proposal for the school to receive a computer lab so kids can blog and participate in online media.

But wait, there’s more!

Bryant needs us to click here, spend 3 minutes creating  an account, and give it 5 stars (if you like our ideas anyways).  Can you help us finish what we started last year and provide opportunities to these kiddos?  It really does sorta depend a bit on you in a way. :).


bottom line: please click the link and give us five stars if you get 5 free minutes in november.  thanks!



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  1. DONE! Good job on the application Becca, hope it gets the award!

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