The choice and the outcome so far

This weekend was much deliberated.  I didnt know what to do.  I had to remind myself of my old message i gave once at IV about making decisions and not becoming self consumed with planning things.  If we work too hard on deciding, we could’ve spent all those thoughts/minutes on someone besides ourselves..

Hard choice: Option 1 : go home and see Dave before he leaves for around the world, hug dad, mom and micah, see phil keaggy and take friends to niagara falls.

Hard choice Option 2: stay here and get stuff done and take it easy and try to recover from insane crazy conferences, working and everything, go to a sweet concert. and then sunday, either go to church and a road trip to a congolese church in NH or hear RAVI ZACHARIAS speak.

decision: stay here.

last night i put Zeke to bed (little guy i was sitting for) early and then invited theresa and ryan to spank me at monopoly.  that was sad but fun.  then today i woke up, got a little more organized (slightly), made omelets and had long discussions via videochat with:

Camille in India

learned about how to pray for her this holiday season.

Kevin in China

hadnt seen my old friend in months.  i miss the boy.

Sami in Palestine

my dear old friend promised to let me say hi to my old kiddos at

Henry in Kenya

we had a LOT to talk about, and more still to go–but at least we started a google tasks listing.  Amazing, right?


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