Tidings of read to find out

I woke up to Luke 2 today.  all 52 verses.  And then i read about Jesus’ crucifixion and ressurection.   What a way to start a monday!

Went to work and struggled with the Mondays, nursed a sore neck :(, had a good meeting and finished tasks.  Gym (boot camp class tonight) before bible study.  Then it was back to Luke 2.  All 52 verses again.

This morning i’d compiled thoughts about the classic chapter (of shepherds and angels) to share at women’s bible study.

But while I was sharing, I learned a few new things.  I’ll share one of them now–it’s about mangers.

Initial thought: God provides what’s needed throughout the Bible, from manna, to donkeys, to rooms to prepare the passover in with his disciples.  If you’re Jesus’ disciple, and he sends you, you can go up to some dude and say “The master has need of this” or “Here’s a coin i got from a fish’s mouth” and it’s all good for you.  So why did God choose a manger for Jesus to lie in?  It really is a weird place to put a kid.  Why not have a bad hotel room or a friend’s apartment or just an ok location?  It would still show us that he came humbly to a not-so-nice place, but his poor mother could’ve been spared an agonizing “where am i going to put my baby” decision (between the hay / floor and the trough).

Initial answer: God knew — he KNEW — that people would remember that feeding trough throughout the ages as a sign of his gift to us.  He became not only human, but really, really poor, to save us from everything we got ourselves into without him.
He likely knew that we’d make little nativity scenes out of wood and clay and glass (even in places like kenya they make these things)…and we’d remember it always, right?

Further answer: God wanted to show the limitless and infinitely deep humility He possesses.

Bear with me–the NEW realization:  What was it like for Jesus to plan to come to earth–?

“Son, I’m going to send you down there and you’ll have to be inside a human woman, then be born, and then be poor, then be misunderstood, then be doubted, then have no house, then be killed–then you can come back to your throne again”.  I think Jesus knew the WHOLE time that he had reigned forever before and would reign forever again, so no matter how hard things got, he was like, “this is temporary, and i’ll be back on my throne.”  It’s like when I go on trips and have to use sketchy transport or weird bathrooms (or NO bathrooms!) or get amoebas or am uncomfortable sleeping on floors with scorpions or something.  I shrug and remember “its like two months.  i’ll get to go home soon enough”.  i could sleep in a manger ( a really large manger) for a week if i knew it was for only a week or two tops, no problem.

I didnt want to make it sound like what Jesus went through wasn’t excruciatingly difficult or painful.  I am just saying that his future glory must have been one comfort.  So then i thought, “well, that is nice for him.”


new thought.  i ALSO get to go to heaven in the next 100 years.  so no matter how hard it gets in ministry or work or life or health..it’s only for now!  we’re on a mission and then we get to back to heaven and live there forever!  it’s not just Jesus’ comfort, it’s ours!  So tidings of comfort and joy my friends.  I hope i got the point across.

p.s. i also met the personal assistant of an NFL team owner this weekend at a party.  i had 1000 questions for her.  i was so impressed by her driving him around and listening to him talk to celebrities.  I listened to someone tell me all about how she had listened to someone talk to a famous guy.  and i was INTRIGUED by this job.  My listening skills improved.  I asked her what it was like and who she has met and and and.  Why is it that i never ask Jesus questions the way i drilled her? I want to fall so much in love with getting to know him that every minute i hang on his words and am deeply moved and impressed.



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4 responses to “Tidings of read to find out

  1. Wendy

    Becca, I really needed to hear this tonight! The P.S. is priceless. Soon and very soon…

  2. Tim Vail

    Actually…there is more.

    A manager is a feeding trough that often has grains in it for animals to eat. I can imagine them thinking of the irony of Jesus being in a place where they serve food…

    If we don’t eat His body, and drink His blood, we have no part with Him. He is the bread of life.


  3. Jeanne Monsees

    I agree with Timm. It’s no coincidence that Jesus, our Bread of life, had a manger for a bassinette.
    “Bethlehem” translates as “house of bread!”

  4. Ed

    Thank you, Becca. That was a good word, and you got it the old fashioned way: you listened to the text, and in listening you heard God’s still small voice speaking His Truth. I appreciate that about you.

    Be blessed this Christmas as you incarnate the Living Word by the way you live your life in the City.

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