this week has been spiritually enlightening and tonight i said no for the first time to a party.

but then i spent 4 hours trying to get a new cellphone and a plane ticket for the holidays.  and ive got neither.

this week i:

  • lost my cellphone and all my contacts.
  • got the worlds worst hangnail.  hurts to type the letter l. sounds  pathetic.  is beyond pathetic.
  • had a wicked sore neck after an embaressing spill on ice.
  • realized my car (now mirrorless and moldy and ice filled from leaking in water) shuts itself off at lights that take more than 10 seconds.
  • have chapped lips (Napoleon style).
  • didnt finish everything i wanted to.
  • cant type what i want to actually (TMI).

but as im typing im realizing i also:

  • got to work on things i care deeply about, every single day.
  • was given settlers by my roommates.
  • grabbed an inspiring lunch with my new pastor.
  • kept up in weightlifting classes.
  • spent more time with a new girlfriend. (you know who you are!)
  • found fulfillment in Jesus’ Word

so really, who’s complaining?  i wish i’d spent tonight in the bible, but cellphone and plane tickets dont buy themselves!  this really hurts to type all these l’s.  im going to stop typing now.

(praise be to God who always causes us to win).  ain’t nothing gonna breaka my style — cause he is bigger—gave me the cellphone to lose in the first place!


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One response to “difficulties

  1. dick wagner

    Napoleon style. hahahahahah……sucks.

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