Not my fault. I was born this way!

Today in Park Street Church, Mr. (Rev.) Franklin Graham spoke about sin and the need for a Savior.  Then Fenway Church–David W. Hill spoke about salvation.  He said God created us for relationship with him, but sin broke it, and now the only way we can become clean enough to know God is go through Christ.

God took my own prayer time after church to break my heart a bit and discipline me for my (often) wrong motives in worship, prayer, fasting, ministering, helping the poor, serving, etc.  Dealt with sin.

In tonight’s service we learned about the sin of not choosing to follow Jesus.  Finally, during a John Piper video i watched later, i was told to make war with sin.  The greatest enemy of a Christian is not satan.  it’s SIN.

It was a day of recognizing sin for what it is.  Always bad.  Never good.  Never “maybe i can make it into something beautiful.”  If you start with dog poop, no amount of working on it will make it beautiful, you’ll just end up with really really really nasty hands.

Our pastor said to the congregation, “Some of you are sitting there today saying you don’t know if God can forgive you. Others are thinking that it’s not that big a deal that you are mean or grumpy a lot.  It’s your personality.  Or you were born that way.  That’s just the thing!  YOU NEED TO BE BORN AGAIN!”

I’ve heard the story of Nicodemus SO many times before.  But this time it REALLY made sense.  There’s nothing wrong with saying “I can’t help my sinning.  I was BORN THIS WAY!” (prone to lust, prone to grumpiness, prone to lying, prone to doubting, prone to always going first).  You were.  It’s not your fault that your flesh is filled with stuff that’s evil and that every day it tries to make you do bad things.  It is your fault if you won’t ask him to make you born again and give you a new heart that doesn’t control you.

See why we need a SECOND birth?  Our first one left us incomplete.  Flesh gives birth to flesh, but spirit gives birth to spirit.  Not surprising that we must ask for a new spirit of love, led by Christ Himself.



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2 responses to “Not my fault. I was born this way!

  1. Nan Nelson

    Ain’t it the truth…sin really makes us see our need for a Savior. What I can’t understand is why so many people “reject” their need and stay in bondage to junk they really are sick of. It makes me think of a boat going down in the ocean, and not taking the life raft staring you in the face. Prayer…I’ll keep praying … and ask God to make it so appealing and so enticing to follow after Him that sin looks like it really is…death.

  2. Tammie

    Well stated. Your rough day yesterday will turn into a beautiful lesson which will well outweigh the sting. Oh, that we all come to that same place.

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