in a few minutes i leave to visit my dear friend and spiritual pal in portland.  stoked.

i think i sold my car tonight.  official monday.

i need to spend more time in silence (see below)–this weekend perhaps. and go to Keziah’s blog and pray a few minutes for haiti.

From pierreduplessis.org:

“Kierkegaard, probably the greatest Protestant Christian mind of all time, said …

“If I could prescribe only one remedy for all the ills of the modern world, I would prescribe silence. Because even if the word of God is proclaimed in all it’s fullness it would not be heard -there is too much noise.”

“What you need is stillness and silence so that the sediment can settle and the water can become clear.”

—Ruth Haley Barton,

I am being intentional in removing noise. My soul is hungry for the whispers of heaven.


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