im freakin out

too much to say and no desire to spend time online now.

1.) pray for my street.  cops just walk up and down it now (tonight) cause some stuff has been going down (beatings/fights).  we’re nervous but more than anything, sad for the kids involved right outside our walls (like 2 feet away is where it’s all going on).  I’m glad the cops are involved but it’s scary and difficult.

2.) Tonight i attended a prayer meeting for  it was off the chizzain.  honestly, i am not sure ive ever experienced anything like it in my christian life, which is 22 years old already.

I asked God to speak something to me through my pastor that i KNEW was from him.  My pastor prayed for those who are hungry and for freedom and it crossed my mind that it related to me, but was generic enough for everybody.  Then Jenna came up to me at the closing worship song.

note: remember january 6th post entitled “powerwashing”: (My heart still has nasty stuff stuck to all the walls–things like pride and selfish ambition, vain conceit, cynicism, skepticism and covetousness..)

“Are you Rebecca?”


“Im new here.  God told me something for a girl named Rebecca and he gave me a picture for you.”


“There’s a house and inside it all the rooms are filled with like, old stuff and cobwebs and it’s gross and  there’s stuff on the walls.  Then God said he will clean it all out for you and fill it with his light”.

:::crickets and long stare at jenna::::



let’s just say it was nice to know im on the right track. im in the right church(es) and God is moving — after so long and so much waiting it’s finally time to start hearing from him!  maybe some of you hear clearly from God often, but i dont, and when i do, i often tell myself it’s just my imagination.  i’m so encouraged.


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