the car

tonight i said goodbye to my car:

and began to miss it immediately.

on a brighter note–i rarely drive it, my roommates could use extra cash when i use their cars instead, i wont be paying insurance, i wont have to move it to the correct side of the street in spring, it had no mirrors or working front tires.  the hatchback wouldnt open, the interior light didnt work and the engine light was on.  it also leaked in water.  i told all of this to the nice guy that bought it.  he understood.

He also said he will likely come to alpha with me–i told him i was afraid to invite him to church cause if anything worse happens with the car, he might think all Christians are jerks—and we all had a good laugh.  He said to make sure i invite him, because he’s not at all Christian but studies religion.  :).


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One response to “the car

  1. Nan Nelson

    Ding Dong, the car is gone, car is gone, the car is gone…
    Yippee, yahooee, and you should consider it a real miracle that anyone bought it at all. whew. that car was up to no good. let’s hear it for mass transportation! and nice roommates.

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