Weird habits #1 and #2

Am i alone in this one, all?

Things i say and things i do that do NOT match at all:

Me: “God, would you give me direction for the future and show me where to work and how to serve you?”

<one week later>

Me: “God, i still need direction.”

<watch 3 episodes of the office on hulu.  go to work. go to game nights. go to work. go to sleep. not stop for 2 months.>

Me: “God!  I’ve been waiting on you!  It’s been two months!”.

I pray twice about something. People say, “Well did you pray about it?” and i say, “Yes.  I’m waiting on God.”


Me: “God, what’s wrong with me–I keep doing things I don’t want to do…why did you make me so prone to these things i do..i do’t know how to fix it but i’m asking you..”

<get on facebook and check out albums.>

Me: (in church) “I’m desperate for you, i’m lost without you, i’m desperate for you, i’m lost without you ,this is the air i breathe..”

<5 minutes later: PANNNNNNERA!!! GET IN THE CAR! GO!”   ::spends day hanging out and night eating dinner with people and work the next day til 5 and then the gym::::>

Me: “God, why am I still this way?  I prayed about it!” (has prayed twice and on most sundays).

If Christ is my first love, my priority, my desire, my shield, my fortress, my Father, then why do i want to talk to my friends, computer, family and own thoughts before Him?  it MAKES NO SENSE.  i’m not doing it anymore.  Sorry if anyone’s feeling neglected. I still think you’re awesome.  i’m just takin a break. :D.  The more I pray, the more i regret creating these habits and the more God is breaking them all (hopefully).


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  1. i gat me myself alot…i need prayin alot..less involvement in church ministry has seen me a bit lost

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