A brief update on things today.

i cannot express my thankfulness to God for the past few weeks–every Sunday is more extreme than the last in terms of “MY MIND WAS BLOWN AND I HOPE I GOT GREAT NOTES”.

Every week has more crazy stories than the last (this week was a homeless friend and 4 new people ive never really met coming to dinner and playing board games) and more wonderful memories (this week my parents even came and we went out for dinner–cant remember the last time i did that, at least  2 months ago, and i adoorrre my parents).  More importantly, God is MOVING IN BOSTON–who’d’ve thought here of all places He would be doing the miraculous and filling people like my friends and I with his spirit?!

season of discipline and excitement started today.

Anyways–im also thankful for the course i’m taking on Sunday nights called Perspectives in World Missions.  If anyone wants to have a conversation sometime on the Kingdom of God, i’m in!  in terms of non-Christ-centered news—ive got megabus tickets to NYC for sale (Boston folks) since i have no desire to bounce to another random city when all this is happening here, but i AM committed to leading worship with friends at Lake Winnepasauke in 2 weeks.

poll: Do you read my blog? comment if its “yes”. :).





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12 responses to “A brief update on things today.

  1. I do! I’m so excited to hear what is going on in your life!

  2. Jamie Sinclair

    haha–yes : )

  3. Allison

    you bet your bippy i do

  4. Barbara

    Yes, I check it once a week for updates and read them if they are new.

  5. fendeilagh

    yup, got it on my google reader.
    It’s exciting stuff, too. I may give you a call to talk about the Kingdom of God sometime.

  6. Rachael J

    Yes, and your life changes recently I am happy to be able to see them.

  7. Wendy

    Yep! I do! I’m always glad to see a new post from you. 🙂

  8. Whenever I can. Via Google Reader.

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