Witty Blog Post

I desire to craft a witty blog post for all of you in the near future.  I have many topics with which to thrill and provide intrigue:

1.) the large rat that lives at work and the trap Chris created today.

2.) the German warship and exploring various rooms inside of it.  Kevin, the nice soldier man.

3.) what it’s like being a member of two gorgeous church communities, and how i think that’s a horrible idea but can’t seem to find any way around it for now.

4.) Social Justice Christians and Jim Wallis’ call to write to Glenn Beck.  Hmm.

5.) how i almost got a whole ice skating rink full o people dancing with me while the zamboni went around in circles.  so sad that the dance party movement died–but fun while it lasted with a bit of toe tapping.

Sadly, time’s short.  Pick a topic you’d like me to cover–anything from “how to _______ ” to “favorite childhood memory”.  I miss writing comprehensive thoughts.  Topic ideas?



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5 responses to “Witty Blog Post

  1. Rachael J

    I was just wondering what happened, since you had not blogged in a while. But I get to see you everyday. Meanwhile, I suggest you talk about your favorite Boston memory so far.

  2. Rachael J

    Actually write about your favorite childhood memory. Since I realize that you have talked about your Boston memories in earlier postings.

  3. Wendy

    Write about all 5, the rat first! 🙂

  4. Mike

    How is Kevin doing? Did you follow up with him and give him your card? Is his warship still docked in your harbor?

  5. Arricka

    Write about the large rat exploring the various rooms on the German warship that the two churches are sending to Glenn Beck on a zamboni…

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