We are hiring!

Sadly, my coworker and teammate is headed in a different direction.  Therefore, the team needs a new set of hands.

We plan to hire another AmeriCorps member in the next few months to serve on the online services team.  Do any of you know of people who might be good for these positions?  A list of the descriptions are below.  If they are interested, then have them fill out an application at: http://www.techmissioncorps.org/cms/tmc/apply-now

Volunteer Coordinator (TMC)
Offered in: Boston at TechMission headquarters
This AmeriCorps position will assist with volunteer and work-study student recruitment and coordination for programs based in churches and faith-based organizations. Duties may include recruiting and placing volunteers and work-study students at sites, assisting with monitoring, data tracking, and providing overall support in volunteer management. Members may assist in other program areas as needed.
The volunteer coordinator acts as a liaison between the service site and volunteers. An important part of this position is to find volunteers and maintain positive relationships with them.
Additionally, the volunteer coordinator ensures users of TechMission’s volunteer-matching website are able to navigate and utilize it for their organizations. At the same time, our volunteer coordinator team works on marketing strategies and projects to help organizations post free volunteering opportunities on the website if they need volunteers. They also gather useful resources like books, videos, and online articles on topics like volunteer management, family volunteerism, long-term volunteering abroad, and much more.

Web Developer Intern/Volunteer Coordinator
Offered in: Boston at TechMission headquarters
The Web Developer internship is a full time position, which may be offered either through AmeriCorps*VISTA or AmeriCorps, which is responsible for supporting the technology needs of TechMission. Applicants should view this position as an internship to gain experience in technology in a nonprofit/ministry setting working in one of the largest organizations doing technology and ministry worldwide. Duties may include updating and creating new webpages using Dreamweaver and/or Frontpage 2003, programming scripting for TechMission’s websites in PHP and/or Java/Javascript, maintaining TechMission’s websites, online databases and other online tools, assisting with any other technology or administrative needs.
A typical day of work for the Web Developer involves installing new Drupal modules and implementing new features on UrbanMinistry.org, troubleshooting problems with the site code or database, periodically creating the structure of new web sites or new sections of existing sites, optimizing pages for performance and SEO, and occasionally assisting with server administration.TMC)

Online Publications Editor Intern/Volunteer Coordinator (TMC)
Offered in: Boston at TechMission headquarters
The Online Publications Editor internship is a full time position through AmeriCorps which is responsible for creating and editing the content of TechMission’s websites including UrbanMinistry.org, ChristianVolunteering.org, TechMission.org and Safe Families. This position will also help with online community development through our social networking site on UrbanMinistry.org.
A typical day of work for the Online Publications Editor involves moderating the content and comments that are posted on the site, looking for new videos and articles to post to the homepage (especially relating to special events and holidays), supporting and encouraging the volunteer bloggers as they write for the site, keeping the topic channel pages up to date, adding content to the wiki on urban ministry topics, and supporting users of the online community.


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