Just one more mileeeeee Scotttttt!

Today I walked to the Commonwealth/Charlesgate intersection near the Fenway to watch the marathon.

I’ve never experienced anything like what I saw and was a part of today.  It was AMAZING!

There were too many spiritual illustrations to share them all–and besides, the apostle Paul already took a few of the good ones, so I’ll just share my favorite.

I could do a marathon if people screamed for me the way we screamed today.  We should be encouraging each other the way we screamed our heads off at the race–no reservations.

1.) We screamed out truth: “You’ve made it 25 miles!  There’s just one more to go!”

2.) We called out names–for people we’d never actually met!

3.) We yelled til our own voices hurt bad.

4.) We yelled til we saw visible change in someones countenance or pace.  My favorite was “GO DENMARK! GO!” (denmark man had stopped running) — then seeing Denmark man pick up the pace and start going for it.

5.) We made sure no one gave up within earshot of us.

6.) We were perched towards the end in a difficult part of the race.

7.) We tried to yell even to people whose names we didnt know: “Red hat!  You got this!  you’re so close!”.

Why dont we encourage each other in these ways?  Christians, we’re called to ENCOURAGE!  It should be this fun, this effective and this visibly important.  Denmark would’ve stopped and lots of people wouldnt have smiled if we hadnt been there screaming and ringing cowbells and holding up signs.


I’m a different woman now–will be (hopefully) more encouraging in my day to day tasks, for anyone around me (even strangers) and especially my new family here in Boston—and if you ran today—way to go!!!


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One response to “Just one more mileeeeee Scotttttt!

  1. allison

    this gave me chills. amen.

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