Day off

Days off are exceedingly overwhelming for me.  Some of you know what I’m talking about.  It’s like when we let Boaz (chocolate lab) out as a puppy and he’d waited SO LONG to go outside and barked SO much beforehand that once he gets out in the yard, he runs out the front door like a bat outta hell, then he flips himself around in circles trying to decide what to do with his newfound freedom.  It’s not that I hate my job–it’s that I schedule myself so little “me-time” that I get overwhelmed when it happens.

When Bo has been barking and barking (ROOF ROOF ROOF!) not to just “get outside” but to get a squirrel he has his eye on, his reaction is different.  The run like a bat outta hell still happens, but then he just bee-lines the whole way to the animal like the canine equivalent of the flash.  He has direction.  He doesn’t run in circles.

I worked all weekend so my boss said to ‘take Monday off’.  I almost went in anyways.  I knew immediately that the day should be spent with God.  Then it got into the “i dont get to do this enough, whats first?!”  Prayer:  for my church, for TechMission, for future plans, for friends in need, for family..  Worship: cause He deserves it.  Listening: I require it.  Reading: really needed.

So what ACTUALLY happened?  some prayer/reading..and:

1.) the most thorough cleaning of my room in all time

2.) 2 weeks worth of homework

3.) going to the store to get the worlds tiniest screws/screwdriver and magic erasers.

4.) fixing my glasses.

5.) magic erasering my laptop.

6.) cleaning around the apt.

7.) watching a sermon.

8.) lots of other stuff thats too boring to mention.

9.) caught up with an old friend or two (one in CO).

Uh..what’s wrong with this picture?  Evvvverything.  The sermon was about how when you’re in love, you KNOW you are in love: — am I really loving God?  what’s the deal?  who knows, really.  Probably a lack of faith or something.  I blame culture.  and i think it’s time for more scheduled “me time” that i can turn fully into God time–soon as possible.  the good news: i didnt do nothing cause i was too overwhelmed–i got a lot done.  the bad news: the lot that i got done was a surface level lot———-bummer.


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