if you read ‘day off’ read this too please!

I just realized how entirely a.) self centered and b.) confusing that whole post sounded.

i am not bashing doing things like laundry and cleaning and fixing your only pair of broken eyeglasses.  i am just lamenting the lack of time i have — cause i know i just scratched the surface of really doing what is necessary to get real rest and comfort that everything’s ok.  You know–after a good room cleaning you get the “well at least my room is clean” feeling.  I got that today–but i wish i’d priortized things differently a bit and got the “well at least God filled me up and showed me something new today” feeling instead.  all this to say, it was a lament at the lack of time (and an understanding that i had to clean and do hw), not a stab at doing anything besides praying during days off.  i fully support cleaning on days off.


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