starting an epic wave in fenway park

Back in the fall, I started a conga line.

It was really something.  Once about 75 people jumped on behind me, swinging their hips around and following me, i didnt know what to do!  I went faster and it slowly died (sad).  That night, I decided that my next “bucket list” item would be to start a wave–but i didnt know when or how.

Tonight, at the Red Sox/Angels game in Fenway (my first time inside the stadium!) I watched a crazy man try to start a wave.  He was nuts–every couple of minutes he would again scream 1, 2, 3…even I wasnt standing up or into it at all.  He was annoying but persistent.  I decided i wanted to help him at a more opportune time.  Then, this other lady started hollering on the other side of us.  She stood up and screamed alone..multiple times.  So I decided to run up and down the stairs looking people in the eye and screaming :  “These people want to start a wave and we can do it!”  WE CAN!  ok, “1, 2…” and they’re already going.  Fizzled out 1 or two times and people yelled “GET OUT OF THE WAY” to me.

So what could i do?  I gave up.  i began walking to my seat with a “I tried. i really tried! i thought itd work!”.  THEN…

THE WAVE STARTED.  the giant massive wave that went around twice and even jumped over the monster!  I was shocked–i couldnt believe it!  i had gotten the attention of a group of guys towards the front and even though the other people were screaming “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” my new friends would not give up and go home–they started the wave.

It was a spiritual moment for me, in a way.

1.) This is obvious but must be said anyways.  You cannot start a wave alone—waiit—-i know there’s no ONE PERSON WAVE, but i mean even to start a big wave–it takes at least 3 people.  One insane man, one crazy lady and one to bring them all together.  TEAMS.

Movements are also started this way.

2.)  If you give up, you need others to stand up for you (literally)!

Movements are also started this way.

3.) Finally, pockets of interested people popped up in our group separately — apart geographically and in terms of time, but all were able to be brought together.


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  1. Joe Cool

    Firsthand witness to the love at Fenway! Great insights Bec!

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