Comfort Zones and Calendar.

Have you left your comfort zone recently?

In other news, busy times coming up:

Monday: meeting Charlotte and Regina

Tuesday: listening to Heidi Baker give a talk at Vineyard.

Wednesday: Dinner with ?

Thursday: Betsy

Friday: Home

Saturday: Home/Lake?

Sunday: Shower for Bec2.

Monday: drive back, meeting that night with group of friends.

Tuesday: small group

Wednesday: Shanti with roommates

Thursday: Betsy

Friday: Providence?

Saturday: Something i forgot.

Sunday: church

Monday: are you seeing a trend?!


This: Rochester

Next: Providence

Next Next: Montreal

June open til 20th (Cape Cod)

July: Detroit

July: Farrell’s wedding

July: Bec’s wedding

July: New Frontier’s celebration thinger.

August: Family Vacation.




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