Hoodies are like people sometimes. Also, confusion.

Have you ever bought something you didn’t really think you needed (like this blue hoodie I am wearing) and then used it daily (it’s always on me now) and wondered what you wore before you had the “something”?  This has nothing to do with the rest of the post—I was just wondering.  I wear this thing every day now.

I wonder what my life will be like in a year from now.  Currently, I have the option of moving anywhere in the world for as short or long as I’d like, with a family in Rochester and a family in Boston.  I’ve got a master’s, no loans, a love interest and a serious problem on my hands.

Serious contenders for my autumn include:

  1. A super ministry opportunity at The Father’s House in Rochester, NY.
  2. Working remotely for NetSmartz from anywhere
  3. Getting a nanny job or communications position in Boston, MA.
  4. Finding a 1 -2 month CELTA course—I would like to be certified.
  5. Studying again (I have an Americorps Ed Award.  Should use it!).
  6. Studying Arabic (RIT, boston, abroad).

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One response to “Hoodies are like people sometimes. Also, confusion.

  1. Dick Bullis

    I vote for Rochester. Papa

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