no PHONE!?

Today my sim card committed suicide.  My dunkin donuts cup was “sweating” all over at my 90 degree desk and there was an unseen puddle around it.  My phone just chilled in there for a bit without crying for help.  People turn into raisins when they do that in water.  Phones turn into un-useful pieces of plastic that say “insert smart card” on their pointless screens..

I tried to still meet Mariko and Mutsumi.

1.) was home.  got mariko’s cellphone number and wrote it down (smart!).

2.) drove to JFK with Brandon.

3.) Got on T.  T is stopping way longer than usual everywhere.  for 5 minutes each stop or so.

4.) Park Street Station.  Pouring rain. No sign of cute girls anywheres.

5.) Ask stranger for phone.  She has no local number.

6.) Ask second stranger.  She is from Mexico. no phone.

7.) Ask third stranger. No phone.

8.) They point to a pay phone. Out far in the torrential rain.

9.) it’s still REALLY HOT in the t area and people are crowding together.

10.) I’ve had to pee since i left my house.

11.) I ask THE CROWD OF PEOPLE if ANYONE has a phone.

12.) i try mutsumi and mariko.

13.) This voicemail has not been set up yet.  Goodbye!

14.) Goodbye is right!  To a fun night with two girls, to 3.50 in T fare, to being dry, to not wasting hours of my life on the T.

15.) i run downstairs.  The doors close to the ashmont train.

for those of you not from here, that was my train, and the next one after it WONT be my train…

16.) i find out the T is backed up.

17.) a weird guy talks to me.

18.) i miss the girlies.

19.) i got home a few minutes ago.

That’s the story. Sorry if it was a waste of your time — it’s here so i would point people to it and not re-tell it later.

Big news.  Will be coming.  Soon as decisions come together.


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