Urgent need for prayer and monies.

Ok, the title sounded dire but it’s not a bad thing at all.

My friend Akua is planning to go to Nairobi and help audit, investigate, learn about, make suggestions, document and all-around help Family Focus Foundation become a better, more organic and indigenous program.

She has over 11 years of experience doing the same thing exactly in Uganda.  As an organization, we cannot describe how valuable her experience is, her knowledge and abilities.  The women are working on finding the best use of funds for a microloan–should they work on opening a day care, growing plants, weaving, farming honey..?  What’s next?

Akua plans to help draw up proposals that make sense and can be done–she and I both hope to see more indigineous kenyan leadership and less of me/white people doing stuff in Kenya.

So Akua’s buying a plane ticket and said, “If you wanna raise money it’d really help a lot.  I want to go either way–but to not have credit card debt when I get home might be great”. :).

If God lays it on your heart, or if you just wanna give cause you care about our kiddos and grandm figures, please please contact me or donate here at www.familyfocus.wordpress.com (but write Akua on it).

Thanks a million!  Wish you knew how many lives you were affecting when you give sacrificially to something like this—but more on that to come i suppose.


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