Yesterday at the most beautiful beach in New England, Mariko and I got to talking about sin and Jesus and “You alone can rescue”.

Mariko and Mutsumi are both very very very GOOD PEOPLE. In fact, they’re some of the sweetest girls i know—so sin can be a hard concept to explain when their english isn’t perfect yet (right girls? though it IS getting way better!).

Sometimes as I am talking, I learn new things from God — and yesterday, He showed me about my own sin. The worst things I can remember doing as a kid are:

1.) Stealing Marc Disenger’s Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar
2.) Punching a few siblings
3.) Being Selfish..

I think I thought I was somehow a good person and even in my own life, I’ve been self-righteous many times and still see it surface now and then (though I’ve learned a LOT about stuff that is sin that I hadnt recognized and about God’s grace).

But this post is about good vs bad people. I explained to Mariko (without even thinking first) that sin is like poison. If you put LOADS of it in a cup of water and drink it, you die.

But if you put just a drop in the water–you die.

it’s POISON! toxic poison. It doesnt matter if you use a drop of it or loads of it, the result is the same. And Romans 6:23 says it: The wages of sin is death. It’s interesting when explaining it to an English student. “Well, when you work, you get money. And when you sin..you get death.”

I explained that Jesus drank the poison for us. It would be really sad for us to still drink the poison after he already did.

And i learned a lot as I was telling it to Mariko. Thanks be to God for new analogies and reveleations, and thanks be to Mariko for always sparking great conversation! :).


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