Much has happened. Much much to report on and i’ll start with today’s “day in the life of becca nelson”:

5 something: wake up, begin studying arabic hardcore
work out and do situps/pushups
read bible and pray
get ready to go

8: go to work. this is 3.5 miles (walking). Wear smarter shoes and socks and pack the dressy shoes for the office.

9:15 work til 6. see

(around 3 start crying from reading a Google Translated email from our team in China about a woman who was stabbed in the stomach the day she was due to give birth to her baby–the needle went right into the baby’s head, killing it.) my job is to translate these stories into more appropriate language and disseminate info / educate our friends.

6:30: go to apple store cause the iphone i got today (first smart phone!) shuts off when i turn on the camera. make appointment.

shop at shaws for laundry detergent and coffee filters. show great restraint without my food stamps and avoid buying food. look at boots at EMS. go back to appointment with many more quarters than i’d had before–ready for laundry day.

7:15 still waiting. running behind.

text people coming to my house and warn them i wont be at my party.

get talked to by a random stranger. long conversation about our work.

almost eight: leave with NEW iphone. walk far to bus. take worlds most crowded bus home.

walk home–see rach on the way.

8:30 host settlers night

lose at settlers (this is NOT normal).

make plans for tomorrow to go to 6 AM prayer (come to ruggles baptist!) then work early, then arabic class at 5:30, then small group, then emily sleepin overrrrrrr…


insane. cant tell you all the news tonight but it’s exciting. yay. more to come thanks for reading!


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