Birthday revelation at Cheesecake Factory

My birthday was work the entire day. The WHOLE stinkin thing. But for lunch some of my friends from All Girls Allowed took me to the Cheesecake Factory and made my day brighter!

As I talked to their team, Chai Ling pointed something out to me that didn’t hit me then, but really punched me in the heart later on:

“You know, if you were in China, you wouldn’t be allowed to live”.

I nodded and had a somber moment and we continued our discussion and consumption of cheesecake.

I realized much later in the day that I am the second child — and a girl. If I was born in China in 1985, I WOULDN’T be alive. Neither would my brothers. My favorite people on earth would be gone–and not necessarily because they were never allowed to be born and never began to grow—more because (especially in my case), I would have been either aborted or brought to term, delivered, then killed or abandoned. If my parents used an illegal ultrasound, they would have most likely aborted me and if they didn’t, then I would’ve likely been killed with a needle in my brain directly upon being born.

My brother would’ve been forcefully aborted no matter what my parents decided, unless they could pay 5 years salary for him. The government would have come in and grabbed my mom and dragged her screaming to a clinic and aborted Noah even though she loved him already.

Do we realize what we have? Or that our siblings are blessings? I don’t care how much you fight with your siblings–you HAVE THEM—and should thank God today that they’re alive.

My 25th birthday meant a lot more after realizing the gift of life i was given by being born in the USA to loving parents.

Also, I’m not suggesting that all Chinese people kill their babies. For more details, visit: .

as for the rest of my birthday, it involved playing worship at park street, being given lots of food (people give you more food as gifts the older you get! not complaining!) and sitting outside for hours with Billy and Julie, two new homeless friends. It was so epic. We prayed together and we were all thankful for each other–everybody else had left and I needed people to eat junk with and pray with anyways! It was a great birthday party on the steps of Park Street. Walked 4 miles home in the night talking to Brandon. It was lovely. I’m just really glad I was allowed to live and not be killed or taken by the government.


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