I never thought I’d see the day

Today on my walking commute from Mission Hill to the Pru, i listened to an old old man named Charles preach to Bible college students.

He said:
“I never thought I’d see abortion. LEGALIZED! ABORTION LEGALIZED. the KILLING of the innocent.”

“I never thought I’d see our government encouraging people to gamble and lose all their money.”


“I NEVER THOUGHT ID SEE homosexual marriage.”

Now, I am not NOT NOT making a statement about abortion or gay marriage or gambling. I am saying that this man was getting so worked up—was obviously so disturbed…it was almost as if he was realizing

    as he was saying it

that it was 2010 and our country had surprised him greatly.

He said “we’re in a downward spiral..” and encouraged the students to love God and proclaim truth.

OK, so here is what i AM saying:

Many baby-boomers and older people are VERY SHOCKED at our current situation in America. They cannot believe the pants teenagers wear, prayer in school being changed / banned, or abortion being legalized. But you know what? OUR generation is the opposite! We do not say “I never thought I’d see the day when..” We’re more like “I bet you that in 20 years…”

We expect evil, in a way. Nothing surprises us anymore. Gang or porn addiction statistics, figures about poverty…we’re not shocked and “never thought we’d see the day”.

Also, the YOUNGER generation (who are 10 now)—it’s even scarier. Because they’ll grow up with parents who never say “When i was your age, sex before marriage was considered a bad thing to do”. They’ll grow up with parents who had sex before marriage. They’ll expect evil too but not realize it (like we 20 somethings do).

this is all kinda doom and gloom, and i’m sorry. It just hit me on the way in that i ALWAYS thought i’d see homicide rates go up and poverty rates soar–porn addiction increase and gay marriages performed. Just saying.


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  1. Steve

    I’ll turn 57 in a few days. I am NOT surprised at the consequences of godless living because I spent more than a few years opposing God. The challenge is to maintain faith that God’s love can transform lost people, even cities and countries full. God IS that awesome! Love never fails.

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