God reads my blog–read the proof below.

posted a blog (im sorry if it was too pushy..like WAY too pushy, about finding a mentor).

ten seconds later:

Hi Rebecca,

I’m so sorry that I’ve taken so long to finally get back to you. I’m wondering if you are free on Friday evening this week. I realize this is perhaps a really bad time for a young single woman. If not maybe you could name some other time this coming weekend.

Warmly, M

I struggled with whether or not to show her my last blog post, then had to:


this is so strange. SO. strange!

I thought about not telling you this cause it might look like I feel entitled to a mentor somehow, but I just had to show you: about 4 minutes ago i posted this blog:


I even referred to you! One nice lady who wrote me to say it’s not a good time for her. (It wasn’t! And I understand.). I hope you take this as funny, maybe even God being God, and not as me being ungrateful or demanding somehow. :). I thought you’d get a kick out of the fact that I posted it the precise minute you sent me a message.

phewph now that we got that squared away…I am free this Friday. Weird weird occurrence but I think it’s true! What time were you thinking? Even if I was not free, I would MAKE myself be free to meet with you. I’m rather desperate.

P.s you do not need to be all the things i wrote about that i was looking for. i was just offering a wish list! 🙂 I am so ecstatic. I’ll meet anywhere at any time that’s best—I appreciate you.
– Show quoted text –

:::twilight zone music plays::::


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One response to “God reads my blog–read the proof below.

  1. Barb Bradshaw

    Montana is too far away to be a mentor but maybe there is a young lady here I can help.
    Thanks for the challenge.
    Love, prays and blessings.

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