Great Books!

I didn’t realize how funny the names of the books I’ve been reading are, but most of them are about specific fruits of the spirit:

1.) Humility <–best book after the Bible
2.) Contentment<–beautiful
3.) Godliness (the Practice of). <–currently hungrier for this than ice cream, which is saying something
4.) Genesis <–a very good place to start

I really do wish someone would read Humility so we can talk about it, and recommend the Practice of Godliness as one of the most practical books I've ever read before.
I'm also reading pieces of Woman to Woman, The Heavenly Man, Boundaries in Dating, Devotions for Dating Couples, and a couple works here and there by John Piper. But they're no where near as important as the ones listed above currently. And since the relationship I was in is on a break, I've more time to read non-dating books.

Yes, it's true, and a great story. We're trusting in God for his will — which is always good for us — and waiting for some things to happen/change before re-dating (if that’s right). It feels weird, bad, hard, correct and confusing. I'd never dated anyone before, but I am starting to think dating is a helpful thing to do. Ask me about that sometime if you're interested.


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