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Dandelion to Seed Head

I immediately noticed when watching this video that the dandelion quickly becomes a beautiful flowering dandelion of gold, and just as quickly goes back inside itself…

but then it takes a LONG, long time (while it’s all closed up and NOT beautiful) for it to be ready to bear seeds at the end.

Jesus often described trees growing, plants shooting up, seeds bearing 100 times the fruit, plants getting choked, weeds getting pulled up, branches abiding in his vine, etc..

I believe God made nature to show us things and I believe Christians are to plant seeds. So I’m taking something away from this video: It takes a long, sometimes ugly time to get ready to plant those seeds, even if it looked really pretty in the beginning. But it’s not TOO long. It’s just right. I bet if we kept watching we’d see it takes even longer for the wind to plant the seeds than it took for the flower to prepare to plant them.

Also interesting: Getting ready to plant seeds all happened on the inside of the flower itself. Shut itself up and got itself ready. Sure i think the sun had something to do with it, and water in the roots, but yeah–sometimes we need to stop trying to rush things and just work on preparing to bear fruit, right? And sometimes we’re supposed to be standin firm while the wind blows our seeds everywhere. sorry, this is just wild to me. by wild i mean BEAUTIFUL.


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