Change Change Change

This year was a wild ride. January, sold my car and God spoke clearly to me for the first time in a WHILE. February, I started taking a course called Perspectives in World Missions and a gang wrecked the new Family Focus building in Kenya. March, went to Chicago and caught a rat at work. April: First ever Boston marathon–best day ever—and met Brandon, who was a big part of the year. May: mission trip to Montreal–rocked my socks. June: Started deciding where to go next–much disturbance in the force as i tried to pray about it. Best beach day ever in my life so far. July: Finished Americorps and started immediately at a new job. August: Cape cod with my family.., September: New apartment, Turned a quarter of a century. October: God reads my blog, gives me a mentor, I start teaching guitar to a wonderful young lady, November: Thanksgiving–always a great time—what other evenful things: oh, lost wallet w/ a LOT of stuff in it. December: Went to DC with my new job. Learned a lot about how to work on a team doing PR and loved IJM and their hospitality. Began working out daily again with a serious list of goals.

I thank God for His ovveerrrrr-abundant provision–as always—He is more than enough. I have some ideas up my sleeve for some posts this season. What can we say to really praise Him the way he deserves? No really, comment below. :D.


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