New Year’s 2011

I didn’t wanna forget my wonderful New Year’s Eve was, so I’m posting it on my blog — (journals sometimes get lost methinks).

Dad and I got breakfast at “the early american” in quincy, and spent up the rest of this year’s flex account for my medical debit card thing (work benefits). I got 53 bucks worth of ibprofen and band aids and cough drops.

We walked at castle island. brief. lovely.

We hugged goodbye.

Brandon came. We walked to the ice skating rink and paid 2 bucks for an hour of fun. Then we went to Ula and got a popover and nutella and coffees.
We talked a lot about TEFL and missions organizations, etc.

We went home and had lunch, then I took a walk and he met me to get jeans at goodwill in Roxbury.

We chilled at his place, so he could get stuff done while I did nothing (had slept 3 hours the night before). Unos, T, Boston Common Ice Sculptures, T to (almost the river before we caught ourselves), the Blue Line (niice) –> Aquarium. As we walked along the wharf deciding it was gonna be crazy to see the fireworks and get home, a man handed us free tickets to a cruise 🙂 — we stumbled in awe onto a big boat, found seats on top of the anchor holder thing and set off. Then we called family to freak out and watched the fireworks over the water in front of the skyline.

Only bad part was getting home, but it was better than I’d expected. Cept I had to be dragged. Was a disaster of no-sleepin-ness. Lots of drunk folks.


Anyways thanks, wordpress for letting me not forget stuff. Never go down please. Must find a way to back it up if possible.



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2 responses to “New Year’s 2011

  1. Steve

    Nice New Year start. Missing you, dear one.

  2. Barb Petty

    The Early American restaurant in Quincy is one of my favorite places for breakfast. Used to go therer when our daughter Jill lived in Quincy and my college roommate worked there many years ago! So glad you and your dad went there!

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