Breaking up is hard to do

Today I listened to Pierre’s UNPLUG sermon on the potter, located at: .

i listened to it, so I could not watch ‘lauren’ as she crafted a pot. For me and my level of attention that can be given at once, that was probably best :D.

Based on what i gathered from the message, there’s two options for people:

1.) Get on the potter’s wheel and know you are gonna get pounded, spun around and worked on for one of heck of a ride
2.) Be hard and unpliable and unmoldable. Don’t get on the wheel at all.

I’ll take #1. Just sometimes it hurts to not know the Master’s vision or final plans, and to be smooshed and rolled up and started all over again–this week I had a lot of bad news, but who knows, next week might be good news instead!

Plus, honestly, with God, there’s always good news because I can come to Him. With him it’s always yes and amen. I dont even know exactly what that means but I love it because My heavenly Father is one to give awesome gifts to his kids. If He’s withholding something from me now, I can be sure it’s for my own good. In THAT, there is peace. <–i actually liked this sermon better. But tell me what you think of the two.

Breaking up the clay when it gets hard, nasty and not what it should be is hard to do–not for the potter, who knows what He is doing, but for the clay–owwch—definitely doesn't feel good at the time of His kneading and pressing and pulling and breaking it up just to roll it up again and make something new.


  • something new.
  • That’s the whole point! How awesome is NEW?

    (ok and if you made it this far, you should listen to the song: had to link it, can’t help it–calma calma down do be doo down down).


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