Just do it.

I think my life would be easier if I obeyed Jesus more, but recently I’ve gotten myself into a bad trap of “I can’t do this..” or “but what if he..” or “i need to get..”

Here’s the deal—JUST DO IT.
I read this article

Just Do It’ Attitude Works With Exercise http://ow.ly/3K7uq

I tell myself JUST GET IT DONE NOW.

That’s how i can get up at 5AM to get things done and that’s how i go to the gym daily — it’s bad on the way in but once i get there i can do it. It’s all about just rolling out of bed and getting there.

So my new plan is to use this attitude with everything i need to do that i do not want to do.

1.) with flossing.
2.) with reading the Word daily even when i’m tired. once i open it up, i’m always glad i did!
3.) with exercise.
4.) with not wasting time or spending thoughts places i shouldnt. (just dont do it).
5.) with doing acts of kindness and praying for others.

all of them are really, ‘once i start doing it it’s really awesome’—except flossing. but that one is still necessary!

this is my new plan–here’s hoping it works. No “well i did it yesterday’ or ‘i’m too sleepy’. If I’m sleepy, it’s cause i didnt plan well the day before!

you get the idea–
what are your just do its?


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