Books I read recently.

Recently i read:

A Life of Balance (KP Yohannan)
The Hole in our Gospel (Richard Stearns, President of World Vision)
Passion and Purity (the lovely miss Elizabeth Eliot)
The Heavenly Man (Brother Yun)
I Will Follow You (Jerry Bridges)
The Practice of Godliness (Jerry Bridges)
Humility (Andrew Murray)
The Lord’s Table
Counterfeit Gods (Tim Keller)

Am i any more humble, pure, heavenly? Probably not. Did I learn a TON? Definitely. I wish I took better notes. When i am reading these sorts of things, and it’s worthwhile, I can’t stop—I walk and read through my commute to the point where it’s not safe–:) and i suck up all the info like Johnny 5 in Short Circuit 2.

Anyone have any new suggestions or want to borrow one of the above books?
I will say that my most recent was by Keller and he was right on about idols. I’m working on figuring out what mine are (we all have idols, it’s just a question of what they are!) — then replacing them (just removing doesn’t help us, has to be replaced with Jesus Himself. Oh no. Gave the book away–so sorry!


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  1. Dad

    I loved Humility. It is a theme of the year for me. A recurring prayer image has been the church, me a small part, as a tapestry on the highway to God. We all are woven as a mat and lain down on the rocks that make the rough way. This mat marks the way, a makes it appealing, smooths the surface for easier travel, and MANY ARE PASSING OVER ON THIS WAY TO MEET GOD ON HIS HOLY HILL! Will I learn to be that humble? I trust God’s promise to do what is impossible for me.

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