The to – do list.

Last night was a great night. Michelle and Paul Martindale rocked our world with advice, derby pie and hospitality.

Today I woke up, made a to do list and started doing stuff. Mailed letters. Started to pay bills and look at tax stuff online. Figured out the YMCA is a bad idea and fitcorps locked me in til May. Took 4 bags of my clothes (time to live simply!) to goodwill. Rachael left me at Carmen’s apt. in Porter/Harvard sq. Carmen and I walked to the store, bought ingredients, walked by the Wilson House, stole trash from the front yard (box of Bibles and new bulletin board = treasure for me) made OMELETS and got to work. Updated all day. Talked over organizational stuff.

Walked home (six miles) — regretted it. Stopped in at a store that was closing and got glue sticks and paper and EXCITED. Went to Trader Joes. Mistake. Big grocery bag for 4 miles. :D.

Came home and GOT ALL CRAFTY. helped scoop muffins. I’m learning to make things with my hands! 😀 muffins and cards and creativity. <3. <3. <3. .

I'm exhausted! Cutting magazines and gluing things makes me sleepy–night.


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