Grace for mistakes.

I hate going to see dentists.
My current dentist is a miracle man and it barely hurts to have him do work, but I don’t care–I’d like to stay far, far away from all dentist chairs.

When you are there, it’s a great time to pray. Yesterday, Dr. Hutner gave me my Novocaine shot (ended up needing more though) and walked out while it set in. I had nothing to do/read/ I thought/prayed.

At the risk of sounding like this post is about something you’ve already thought about, I offer my first thought. “Wow. I should be thankful that I can go to the dentist, instead of complaining/being afraid”.

Second thought “I can make mistakes — small and sometimes large, and there is a way to fix them or get help”… Don’t get me wrong, in Christ there is ALWAYS a way out…but our society is more friendly than others when you mess up, right?

If you get addicted to cigarettes, you may qualify for free patches, if you are addicted to drugs, check into rehab, if you do a bad job brushing, just fill cavities. It’s not always this easy, like pregnancies in some areas of the USA are almost as hopeless/difficult for women as they would be in the third world–but in my class (middle) and locaion (Northeast USA), there is grace for my mistakes.

It did make me more thankful to be in that chair, and to go to work today–my biggest problems are teeny tiny ones, and while too much comparison is certainly not wise, a healthy dose is helpful to gain perspective now and then. When i screw up at work, there is always grace.

Thankful today–

Speaking of messing up, I’m off to boot camp, where I will likely hurt my whole body at 6 45 in the morning! 😀 So worth it. Catchaya later!


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