The Moon

AHOP (Allston House of Prayer) unofficially launched Saturday night in Juan’s apartment.

It was beautiful. We listened, prayed, praised, sang Scripture, encouraged one another, told Jesus how awesome He is, and learned new things. Makes me long for His presence more just thinking of it.

Brennan, my 18 year old roommate told us that God had a a word for all of us. And she also said that listening to God is like tuning into the right radio frequency. Once you get the right frequency, just wait and He can keep talking.

“We’re like a full moon that reflects HIM to light up the night. We do not shine on our own, but we reflect Him in the darkness to bring light. We do not always shine brightly, and in different seasons, it may look like we’ve disappeared completely, but He is still shining and in a new season we will come back around to being a full moon again—just keep in mind that everything happens for a season and that He will shine when we don’t and will bring us back to fully lighting the night again.”

It was amazing. Especially as God is showing me more about seasons—and Kelsey read a verse that summed it all up: Isaiah 66:23: “And it will be, that from new moon to new moon, and from Sabbath to Sabbath, all flesh will come to give worship before me, says the Lord.” .


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